Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Autumn Weekend 1

Tonight, a red-eye flight will take me from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. The impetus for this migration: Autumn Weekend in Cape May, N.J. Did you see the New York Times travel article (registration required) that mentioned Cape May?

The annual three-day event includes an incredible array of field trips, workshops, demonstrations, walks, presentations and vendors. The schedule includes names like Pete Dunne, John Heuges, Rick Raids, Scott Barnes, Michael O’Brien, Pete Bacinski, Stephen Ingraham, Paul Lehman, Katy Duffy and Patrick Matheny, Clay Taylor, Frank Gallo, Louise Zemaitis, Vince Elia, Don Freiday, Gail Dwyer, Mark Garland and Dan Koeppel. The Friday and Saturday evening program will focus on owls, with presentations by Clay and Pat Sutton and Denver Holt. What a bonanza!

I’m looking forward to visiting some great spots in the early morning, passing out copies of WildBird and signing up birders for the WB raffles in the convention hall, catching up with some fabulous folks... and looking for karaoke spots in Wildwood.


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