Friday, January 13, 2006

Birdwatch America 2

WildBird sponsored the morning refreshment break during today's Birding Business Retail Workshop at the Georgia International Convention Center. The center contains many art pieces, including this one by Brad Durham.

The magazine's two advertising sales reps, Don and Aaron, and I greeted retailers and handed out copies of the January/February 2006 issue while fresh fruit, baked goods and beverages evaporated from the tables to our right. I was amazed at how quickly the workshop participants snapped up copies of the issue.

After chatting later with more folks, I ate lunch with vendors and retailers in one of the convention center's ballrooms. The food tasted great, including the sweet tea.

A couple hours back at the hotel allowed time for e-mail and voicemail updates before I returned to the convention center for the cocktail reception. Appetizers and adult beverages added to the pleasure of reconnecting with friends and advertisers during the two-hour social. Dinner with friends completed the evening -- a fine start to the trade show!


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